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Thank you for volunteering with CFY!

You can make a big difference in the lives of low-income students by volunteering with CFY. If you live in or around the cities in which CFY operates, you can volunteer to help train families at CFY Family Learning Workshops. These workshops, which are a critical component of CFY’s Digital Learning Program, take place at families’ local schools on Saturdays.

What Kind of Work Do Volunteers Do?

Volunteers assist CFY’s Family Trainers who deliver the instruction to CFY families during the Family Learning Workshops.

At the start of each training session, participating families are given their own CFY computer-based Home Learning Center that they will train on and then take home. Volunteers help families set up their Home Learning Center at the beginning of the workshop; learn basic software operations; and get hands-on experience using their Home Learning Center to improve reading, writing, and mathematics. Volunteers also ensure that no families fall behind during the workshop and help keep the day running smoothly. At the end of each training session, families pack up their Home Learning Center and take it home. For this opportunity, volunteers sign up for either the Saturday morning session or the Saturday afternoon session or both. Each training session lasts approximately four hours.

In certain regions, there are other volunteer opportunities available as well. This could include assistance in our warehouses and/or offices.

How Do I Volunteer?

In you are interested in volunteer opportunities in Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, or Atlanta, complete our online volunteer form below and a CFY representative in your city will contact you about volunteering.

If you are interested in volunteering in New York City, please visit New York Cares to search and sign up for opportunities:

Volunteer Interest Form (LA, BAY, ATL)

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