cfy logo is a free digital learning platform where K-12 students, educators, and parents can find and use the best online learning activities from across the web. The platform is a destination for thousands of carefully curated academic games, videos, and interactive simulations that are tagged by individual Common Core Standard, subject, grade, Spanish-language support, and more.

PowerMyLearning is available to anyone, anytime, anywhere. It enables teachers to fully personalize the learning experience for their students; it provides parents with a reliable source of digital content and helps them better support their children’s learning; and it encourages students to drive their own learning at their own pace. By propelling both personalized instruction and student-driven learning, PowerMyLearning helps students reach their full academic potential.

A powerful system to personalize instruction

PowerMyLearning supports personalized instruction through innovative tools, like our Playlist feature. Playlists make it simple for educators to sequence activities (like songs on iTunes) and assign them to an individual student or group of students based on their unique needs. Students then access these Playlists anywhere – in class, in labs, after school, or at home – extending learning beyond the classroom. Teachers receive feedback and use that information to assign new activities that are an even better fit.

Empowering students to take charge of their learning

By making available thousands of activities, PowerMyLearning enables students to enrich their education through exploration, sparking new interests in the process. It also offers pathways for self-remediation. Students learn in different ways and PowerMyLearning provides them the diversity to learn in a way that works for them. Through the platform, students quickly become cognizant of their academic strengths and weaknesses and know how to help themselves advance their learning.

Together, personalized instruction and student-driven learning help students develop mastery of the Common Core State Standards and gain ownership of their learning, a combination that will prepare them to be college and career ready.

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